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Friday, April 26, 2013

❤ Surprising Life ❤

How long should you try? Until.  Jim Rohn •

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Always tell the truth -- it's the easiest thing to remember. • David M. •

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Think what a better world it would be if we all had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap
• Unknown • 

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In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away
• Unknown • 

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Underwent 24 this year really gives so many lessons for me. 
Passing lot of moments. Met much of personalities. 
Churned up and down. Feel tired, sick, excited, regrets, way-think-too-much, and lots of crap just slapping my life over and over. 
Oh yes, me also just like the others, do have limits, do have tears that sheds, do have knee that can't stand anymore. 
When my eyes too tired to be open and see..when I have no way out to go..simply..kneel and pray.
However, I know who has brought me to this level. This is a stepping stone that He provided. 
He took care of me solemnly, like no one ever did before. 
Thank you Lord for mold me and make me..to be who I am today.. ☺

Friday, March 15, 2013

❤ Fashion?

Today I would like to talk (post) about fashion.
Well, I’m not a fashionista, fashion-blogger, a model, designer or anything else that related to fashion.
But, a bit in my daily life, fashion itself just pop up into lifestyle.
Fashion looks horrible when someone starting to say :
“hey, look at what’s Victoria Beckham wear? Ferragamo, Gucci or LV? I should have it too!” - Top to Toe just copycatting from VB.
“ohh..seems like high-low skirt was ‘IN’, I should wear it with my pajamas!”  - excuse me, you’re not a living things either a mannequin, you’re fashion-stupido-victims’
“hey, I’m gonna be a rainbow. Pink shirt, green pants, silver bags, and lace shoes” – I will wish for no rain in my whole life.
You can buy a fashion, become a replica of somebody, but “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel
Do not die for a brand! That’s difficult for some people who adore it, but if you’re seriously falling for “brand”, take it all, be a collector. But hey, sometimes for some people, cheap stuff can magically look like expensive goods while wearing, vice versa. Just depends on is that fit to you.
Wear something that “this is suitable, all out and who am I” will brought you to have your personal style.
Maybe, it’s about personal taste to mix up fashion-thingy to wear. But, being such a M&M’s doll exactly does not make sense. You are what you wear, ladies.
Wearing-too-much is a fashion sickness. When you don’t know how to outwit your wardrobe, just wear simple things with neutral colour. White shirt, denim short, leather loafer and some chic necklace or rings.
Okay, seem like I’m pro in fashion-thingy, no I’m not..this just an opinion which stated in my mind. I wish you all stay pretty, having fun with your personal-style, stop copycatting (okei, that’s who you are! So, that’s your problem. LoLs), shine bright like Rihanna and last but not least, people always giving opinion, people know who to give their applause, people know the original and people know how to raise you become an icon (don’t say you’re not do the same! Everyone do judge! Just stay positive and make a positive assessment).
"Not everyone suits every style. Know yourself before you turned out to be something horrible while wearing something good"
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coral-peach melt in black
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Dress is my Life
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skinny-a line (just perfect!)

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just impressive
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matching mode-on

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's a GIRL ❤

Hellouuu Yellouuu..
Time to updating my blog. Rushing attacks me since the beginning of the year. But people not always keep sowing without reaping. So, here some of my time to breathe a bit before harvesting. :)
Nothing others new stuff to share (umm..or maybe it had not yet come), still related to my previous post. Baby girl has waiting to see you. Wish you love them! *cheers* :)
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Seeing my world upside down :)
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OMyGod, that's expression :o
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she was the coolest girl...
and that should be my girl..
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love beach, bikini and skinny
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HaaaLOOOuuuu.. hahahaha
(you did it, right? hahahaha)
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she has the most beautiful eyes..
My Asian Girls :)
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less makeup more beauty
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i know how she loves her bunny
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love and be loved in society
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who is going to hate me?
NO ONE, dear.. :)

In the end, the children will be someone they want to be, according to the desire in their heart and the important thing was how they are grown up. You both (as parents) should be a good example. They are not doing what has been told, they do what they see. The best things that can't be bought by anything, isn't ONLY MATERIAL things, your TIME that's the most valuable investment ever, or you will be regrets because you has been missed so much time.
The TIME that you will spend, it should be a quality time. Introduce them to the word of God, show them how to live this life according to Lord's favor, then someday you will be a proud parents. :)

I'm not yet a parent..
maybe someday..
and when the day comes..
let God prepare me and my husband to take care of it as precious trust of God..
God's name be glorified..